Our Christian Life

What are we to do as Christians? Are we to spend our time concerned about our lives and how simple we can make it? Are we concerned with the pleasures this world can offer us? Do we get caught up in the simple pleasures of life, easing into an easier life and getting caught into how society tells us how to live? Do we focus on us? Do we have the  me centered syndrome.?

If we are truly born again Christians, and have been set free from the enemy, loosed from the chains of death, and brought into freedom by the precious blood of Christ, how can we live our lives for ourselves? We need to realize we are in a Spiritual war for the souls of man that have been raging since before the beginning of man kind.

What is the problem? The problem is the enemy has lulled us into a false sense of security. Let’s look at this example. When there is a physical war on this earth, and you are in the army fighting the enemy, we would never relax and focus on our pleasures in life, and make our time in war comfortable and not fight. We would be giving our whole being and even our life to fight the enemy and drive them back from whence they came. We would be focused on one purpose, and that is to win this war.

As a Christian we need to realize that we are in this war. We have been set free from sin, death, bondage and the enemy. It is not a time to rejoice in the fact that we are free and then live a comfortable life just doing what we want to do. NO! That would be awful. We need to rejoice that we are free yes and give praise to God. But then we also need to take up and use the weapons God has given us. We need to seek out our purpose that God has set upon us. We need to fight the enemy, and go into his territory, and set the captives free.

God has given us the weapons and the power that we need. He has given us His word to guide us and transform us. He also has given us authority over the enemy, sickness, disease. We have all the power to set people free and lead them to Christ. But then why is the church sitting in their living rooms watching TV and relaxing, going to work Monday to Friday and basically living their lives according to the principles of this world and not to the purpose or principles of the Almighty creator of the universe.

And the church prays for revival while some live unfruitful, pleasure filled lives not seeking after God with all their heart, strength, mind, and soul, still believing that one day they will enter the gates of Heaven hearing the word’s “ Well done good and FAITHFUL servant.”

Where will we stand on that faithful day that will surely come when we least expect it?

Where will we stand?